Sweden Jobs..!! (last date 30th June)


One of the world’s richest countries, Sweden is known for its comprehensive social welfare system.
Sweden has achieved an enviable standard of living with its combination of free-market capitalism and
extensive welfare benefits.
Over the last decade, wind power has become an increasing focus and provides around 20% of Sweden’s
electricity. The expansion of onshore and offshore wind power creates a really good opportunity for Asians
to work in Sweden.


• Salary given on biweekly or monthly basis
• Food provided by the company
• Accommodation provided by the company ( depending on the profile can be
shared or private)
• Overtime is paid by the hour at different rates depending on the job profile.


1. Selection of suitable candidates on CV & skill review basis.
2. An advance of INR xxx to be deposited with necessary documents.
3. Once the position is confirmed for the candidate, he/she must enter an agreement with WDC Travel, wherein, the position will be stated (subjected no change in future).
4. The offer letter will be issued by the company and attorney fee for getting employment approval from government of INR xxx has to be deposited
5. The invoice and agreement for 100% refund if we fail to provide visa will be issued to the candidate.
6. Within 3 Weeks the candidate shall receive the approval from Sweden Govt and the visa processing will be started.
7. Candidate shall receive the (work visa) within 60-75 working days.
8. After the candidate receives the visa, flight will be booked and they can fly to Sweden.
9. Offer price is valid until 30th June.